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We are a nonprofit committed to supporting educators, students, schools, NGOs, and organisations across Nigeria interested in digital enablement and transformation.

Join our team to promote the access and use of technology in teaching and learning.

OSi connects donors like you with grassroots edTech-related projects. 

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OSi uses many resources to demonstrate the utmost trust from donors. The following are the globally-recognised bodies supporting our projects.

Making someone else’s dreams a reality is something with innumerable value.

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The AI Literacy Project: Building a Better Future Together

The AI Literacy Project: Building a Better Future Together

IntroductionImagine a world where “seeing is no longer believing.” A world where


James Emanuel Participant

Attending the 'Learn From Anywhere' training was a game-changer for me! The flexibility it offered in accessing education from any location empowered me to expand my knowledge horizons like never before, truly revolutionizing my learning experience.

Hadiza Ali Hassan Participant

Participating in the 'Integrating Content Knowledge with Pedagogy and EdTech' training has been transformative for me as an educator. The program seamlessly bridged my subject expertise with innovative teaching strategies and cutting-edge educational technology, empowering me to craft captivating learning experiences that truly inspire and engage my student.

Sherifat Olawale Participant

The 'Teach From Anywhere' training was transformative for me. The hands-on techniques and resources they offered completely changed how I teach. They gave me the skills I needed to thrive in online teaching settings and connect with and assist my students in new ways I didn't think were possible before. I now feel confident and equipped to excel as an educator in virtual classrooms.

Musliu Ibrahim Participant

Bing Chat has proven to be the ultimate tool for our everyday work, revolutionizing collaboration and communication within our team. Its seamless interface, real-time messaging, and integrated productivity features have significantly boosted our efficiency, enabling us to achieve more together with unparalleled ease.

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